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Milkier Set

€56,00 €80,00

Plant milk takes over your skincare routine.

If oat milk cappuccino is your standard order, our Milky Heroes will turn your routine upside down. Formulated to not mess with your skin's natural flow, while leaving it looking dewy, fresh and hydrated - say hello to our Softening Serum and Whipped Oat Cream. While the serum aims to turn your skin into a soft cloud, the cream takes care of your skin's everyday desires. 


How to layer 

Apply the serum first, followed by the cream. Watch both products absorb into your skin in seconds, leaving it dewy and incredibly fresh. Finally a routine you can apply before bedtime without waking up to greasy hair! Disclaimer: you will have to resist touching your pillowy soft skin all day! 


Customer Reviews

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Nourished skin

Remember, it's your skin that does the work! Milkier delivers an instant package of nutrition your skin craves daily. By giving your skin power to relax, it will heal faster, be less irritated and become more resistant to stress.

Immediate glow

Already after the first use, you will notice your skin having a natural glow. The secret behind are the deep penetrating formulas that plump your skin & a blend of lightweight oils. We use oils your skin recognizes as it's own, thus never making you feel greasy.

Long term results

Already after a couple weeks of use, you will notice your skin being softer, bouncier & less irritated. It's a sign your skin barrier is healing! It will absorb products even easier and your barrier will lock- in moisture for longer.

free shipping

enjoy free shipping on all orders

30 days to test

Make Milkier your routine for 30 days - if you don't love it, we will reimburse you the full price

vegan & cruelty free

yes, the milk and all ingredients are vegan & cruelty free - and always will be!

Milkier Set

€56,00 €80,00