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It all started with a bowl of cereal.

Milk was a hard thing to sacrifice. As a kid, despite being lactose intolerant, I would devour a big bowl of cereal with milk every morning and then put my head down on the table for twenty minutes as I waited for the inevitable waves of pain to pass. As much as I loved milk, my body didn’t.

I was eventually able to give up milk, but still saw anything milky as a “forbidden fruit.”

Watching my brother eat his cereal in the morning was torture! As more alternative milks appeared on the market, I eventually learned to embrace and even prefer plant-based milks. I don’t like to call plant milks “cow milk alternatives” because to me, plants give us the best milk has to offer. The delicious flavors and creamy textures of plant-based milk bring the same comfort and joy to my life without the pain. Morning cereal is even back on the table—literally.

Milkier was created as a celebration of plant versatility and an homage to my favorite comfort food.

As I researched plant milks, I also learned about all the amazing things they can do for your skin. Developing Milkier involved two years of tireless research and devotion to plant milks and all their fascinating skin benefits. I also designed the bottles to remind me of cereal swimming on top of the milk. I’m so excited to share these products with you—and hopefully, make your life a little Milkier.