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Softening Serum


The best way to exfoliate.

A silky blend of oat milk, rice milk, and lactic acid, accompanied by hibiscus and stevia extracts. Lactic acid, the true star of this serum, is a unique acid specifically designed for sensitive skin while providing hydration as well. The perfect concentration of 2.5% is in line with the European Union's recommendations to avoid harm to your skin barrier. The Softening Serum formula should help smoothen fine lines and improve skin texture, brighten pigmentation spots, boost collagen production, and deliver a soothing dose of ingredients to prevent any irritations.

Silky soft, absorbs in seconds.

"It's literally like a drink for my skin" is the best way to describe this wonder in a bottle. Just few drops of this milky, silky serum absorb into your skin within seconds, leaving you with a dewy finish. 


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Nourished skin

Remember, it's your skin that does the work! Milkier delivers an instant package of nutrition your skin craves daily. By giving your skin power to relax, it will heal faster, be less irritated and become more resistant to stress.

Immediate glow

Already after the first use, you will notice your skin having a natural glow. The secret behind are the deep penetrating formulas that plump your skin & a blend of lightweight oils. We use oils your skin recognizes as it's own, thus never making you feel greasy.

Long term results

Already after a couple weeks of use, you will notice your skin being softer, bouncier & less irritated. It's a sign your skin barrier is healing! It will absorb products even easier and your barrier will lock- in moisture for longer.

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30 days to test

Make Milkier your routine for 30 days - if you don't love it, we will reimburse you the full price

vegan & cruelty free

yes, the milk and all ingredients are vegan & cruelty free - and always will be!

Softening Serum